Vintage European Posters: The Finest Original Posters from 1880 to 1980


I began collecting original posters in 1997. Today, I travel to Europe in search of posters, and display the collection in California and the Pacific Northwest.

Our collection is broad. We believe that there are good posters from every time period and country—the Belle Epoque, the Art Deco Period, military posters from both of the World Wars, the Post War Era, as well as the modern and contemporary periods. Everything we sell is original.

We do not sell any reproductions and we guarantee the authenticity of everything we offer. Please enjoy our collection and ask questions. We are proud to offer a substantial collection of some of the finest graphic art from the past century. Please take your time, get to know, and enjoy these wonderful art treasures.

NOTE: Our showroom is open by appointment. To see our dynamic collection in person, we hope you’ll join us at one of the 20 fine shows we participate in every year. Click to see our show schedule.

Yes, we buy Vintage Posters. If you have a collection to sell, please send photographs either digitally or by mail.